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Dr. Alisa Ruby Bash knows that the Psychotherapeutic relationship heals. When embarking on this life-changing journey, it is imperative that the chemistry between therapist and client is right.

Dr. Bash has been featured regularly in the media for her expertise in Singles- related issues, and has a monthly column focusing on single parent dating issues in Los Angeles Family Magazine.
She also has contributed to the books, "The AARP Crash Course in Career Changes", and "The Portable Marriage Counselor" and has been interviewed on the radio station V100, 100.3 FM regarding single parent dating issues. Dr. Bash works with adults, teens and couples in her Beverly Hills private practice.
Dr. Bash's patients get positive results and break old patterns in a nurturing supportive environment.

Dr. Bash has helped countless individuals to grow and change in her private practice and within a wide spectrum of mental health agencies, substance abuse programs, and schools, such as Beit T'Shuvah, California Graduate Institute Counseling Center, Malibu High School, and the Early Childhood Parenting Center, formerly part of Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Bash brings a compassionate sense of mindfulness, combined with a background in multi-cultural studies and international travel to the therapeutic relationship, and embraces diversity of religion, orientation, ethnicity, race, and creed into her practice.
With much experience working with clients in the creative arts and the entertainment industry, Dr. Bash understands and empathizes with the heavy demands and stresses of life in Los Angeles.

Dr. Bash's unique style, creative approach, and passion for healing provide the nurturing environment necessary to create positive change in your life and to support you through life's struggles. Dr. Bash will help you explore your past, recognize patterns, learn to harness your gifts, and to truly love yourself and the life you consciously create.
Dr. Bash's patients get the results they want, in a luxurious and soothing ambiance, and they work hard to grow.

Dr. Bash specializes in: singles issues, grief, breakups, anxiety, depression, addictions, abusive relationships, divorce, couples counseling, teens, eating disorders, spiritual issues, career- counseling, post-partum depression, infertility issues, and procrastination.