Skype Therapy

Is Skype Therapy Right For Me?

Skype is a very effective way to provide therapy services for many different clients. Just think about the ease of having a therapy session without leaving the comfort of your house! It can help for very private people because you know no one will see you in a waiting room or walking into a clinic. It is also important to mention that you save time and travel expenses.

Skype allows for both the client and therapist to see and hear one another via the internet. Although face to face therapy is usually the most beneficial, Skype is a great alternative due to its flexibility and (usually) high quality of voice and video. I prefer a skype call over a telephone call because it really does sound much more clear! Many people are often leery of a Skype session and would rather make traditional office visits. That is fine. However, for clients who live far away, have difficult work schedules, are isolated or can not drive to a session, skype can be the best answer to help you make progress. Please see disclaimer below

About TherapyBySkype

I have a duty to inform you of possible limitations and/or hazards of teletherapy. By using this service you and your heirs or designates acknowledge and agree to hold me harmless from any loss or damages you may incur by the use of these services due to inherent factors outside my control.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences has a link to the factors about which I am obligated to inform you:

There are differences between teletherapy and regular, traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.
Some elements of teletherapy are probably inferior to regular psychotherapy:

I am not available for emergencies with this service. If you or someone else is in danger, please call the accepted emergency number for your location. (Often 911)
My TherapyBySkype computer is in a private office. I cannot control who may be in your house listening to your conversations with me. By using this service, you agree to maintain the level of privacy you desire and hold me harmless against any loss or damages due to someone listening in on your end of the conversation.
I cannot do teletherapy with someone using a computer in a public environment, unless it is a genuine emergency and you explicitly waive privacy. As soon as the situation is not an emergency, you agree to terminate the session until a private location can be established.
Teletherapy may not work as well as face-to-face psychotherapy because of the lack of visual contact, especially if you are using voice-only, and not picture -plus-voice Skype.
Technical problems may interrupt or degrade the quality of sessions. I reserve the right to terminate any session if I feel that communication quality is inadequate. I will issue a refund for the unused portion of a session should this happen.
This is a prepaid service only. The lack of proximity to clients prevents me from realistically collecting later. Only pre-arranged Skype calls can be accepted via paypal, check or money order.